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5x5 Brewing Co.

5x5 Brewing Co. (pronounced Five by Five) is a Veteran owned and operated craft brewery based in Mission, Texas. We worked with them to create their entire corporate identity from the ground up.
Services Provided:
Logo Design
Brand Development
Web Development
Print Design

The Challenge

Create a brand from the ground up ensuring strong military attachment while appealing to the general population as well.

Our Approach

As with all our projects, we sat down with the guys over at 5x5 Brewing Co. and discussed their history – in their case they are veteran owned and operated. We researched the craft beer industry, and began sculpting out a brand strategy.

Web & eCommerce Development

We developed the 5x5 Brewing Co. website utilizing the Open Source CMS Joomla! We have been successfully developing web sites with Joomla! since its inception in 2005.
5x5 brewing co website screen capture
5x5 Brewing Co. Online Store screen capture
We utilized Shopify for the online store of 5x5 Brewing Co. Keeping with their brand identity, we used a very minimalist template structure.
Blood on the Risers Tap Handle

Tap Handles
& Keg Collars

For a brewery that only kegs their beer, the tap handle is one of the only consumer-facing marketing tools. Just like strong packaging design can help beer on the shelf at your local store, great tap handle design ensures that the brand stands out from the rest of the crowd on a crowded line.
Even though the only people who would normally see the keg collars are the keg technicians and bar tenders, we made sure they were well designed and fully branded. This ensured a connection with the brand to potential decision makers at the retail locations.

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